About Us

About ACES School Council

The School Council is a dynamic group of parents, teachers, school administration, and community members dedicated to enhancing student learning, fostering community spirit, and supporting overall well-being.

We're a parent-led team ensuring Adrienne Clarkson Elementary School remains a vibrant and enriching learning environment, promoting student success. Through advising on student-related matters, organizing events, and fundraising, we contribute to sports, music, library, STEM programs, field trips, and schoolyard improvements.

The ACES School Council serves as a vital home/school connection, actively contributing to the learning environment of our students. As an advisory body, our focus spans the school, providing valuable insights to the principal, vice principal, and school board on key educational matters.

Achieving Goals Together

Join us at our open forums—School Council meetings—where all ACES parents/guardians are welcome. Gain firsthand insights, voice your opinions, and stay informed about the latest at ACES. Our agenda covers staffing updates, field trips, sports, cultural activities, scheduling changes, and more.

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Strengthening Partnerships

Education is a partnership involving various stakeholders. By being part of the School Council, you contribute to this partnership, working alongside parents, students, teachers, principals, school boards, government, and the community. Together, we strengthen the foundation of a high-quality education and an accountable educational system.

Purposeful Collaboration

The main purpose of school councils, mandated by the Ministry of Education, is to enhance student achievement and improve communication between the school and the community. ACES School Council fulfils this role by making recommendations to the school principal and district, ensuring our voices are heard.

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A Link Between Parents and the School Community

Every school in the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board should have an advisory school council, and ours plays a crucial role. We liaise through the school principal, serving as a vital link between parents and the broader school community.

Join us in shaping the future of education at Adrienne Clarkson Elementary School. Your voice matters, and together, we make a difference.
Connect with Us

Joining ACES School Council provides a platform to influence your child's learning environment, collaborate on programs and events, ask questions, and stay informed about school matters. It's a fantastic way to connect with the school community, discuss impactful issues, and get to know each other better!

Feel free to reach out with your questions or notes for the School Council at [email protected].

Voting Members

  • Co-Chairs: Lisa Blott and Dina Hammoudi

  • Treasurer: Crystal Bouileau

  • Secretary: Abanti Zakaria

  • Members at large: Christina Pohran, Fatima Razavi, Yasin Kaya

  • Community Representative: Brittany Ball from Children’s Village at Stoneway

  • Teacher Representative:

Non-Voting Members

  • Principal: Pete Veurtjes

  • Vice Principal: Sherry Jessup


All parents/guardians of ACES students are invited to join. Membership reflects the diversity of our school community. Elections are held annually, ensuring a fresh perspective and active involvement. Visit the Ontario Ministry of Education’s School Councils Guide for a comprehensive understanding of membership.

Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Organize meetings, prepare agendas, and chair meetings.

  • Ensure accurate recording and maintenance of council meeting minutes.

  • Maintain records, including financial transactions, for at least four years.

  • Prepare and present an annual Council year-end report.

  • Pass on minutes and records to the successor.

  • File a current principal profile with the Board by October 31 each year.

  • Participate in information and training programs.

  • Communicate with the school principal/vice principal on behalf of the council.

  • Ensure regular communication with the school community.

  • Consult with parents/guardians on matters under consideration by the council.

  • Maintain and review the constitution and by-laws annually.

  • Consult with senior Board staff and trustees as required.

  • Prepare an annual report and ensure the treasurer submits financial statements.

  • Participate as an ex-officio member on council committees.

  • Facilitate conflict resolution.

Vice Chair

  • Fulfill the Chair's responsibilities during Council meetings when the Chair is absent.

  • Assist the Chair as directed.

  • Ensure accurate record-keeping and annual Council year-end report submission.

  • Pass on minutes and records to the successor.

  • File a current principal profile with the Board by October 31 each year.


  • Be responsible for council finances, following Board policies and procedures.

  • Prepare the annual budget in consultation with the Council.

  • Oversee financial requirements for fundraising activities.

  • Have co-signing authority for banking purposes.

  • Provide a written annual financial report to the Council.


  • Ensure notice of meetings, agenda, and previous minutes are circulated to all Council members.

  • Maintain full and accurate accounts of all Council meetings.

  • Prepare correspondence as required.

  • Ensure safekeeping and transition of Council records to the successor.

  • Provide inspection of minute books and records to Council or School Community members upon request.

Parent Representatives

  • Contribute to school and council discussions.

  • Solicit views of other parents/guardians and community members to share with the council.

  • Participate on council committees.

  • Observe the council’s code of ethics and constitution.

  • Encourage participation in events and programs.

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