Meetings and Documents

Our meetings provide an opportunity for all members of our school community to stay informed, share insights, and actively contribute.

Meeting Schedule and Format

  • When: Every fourth Monday of the month, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. (Unless announced otherwise)

  • Where: School library and virtually via Google Meet. Meeting Link (for 2023-24).

What Happens at a School Council Meeting?

Our meetings cover a range of topics, ensuring a comprehensive overview of school affairs:

  • School administration updates on events, achievements, staffing, and more.

  • Teacher representative insights into classes, clubs, and school activities.

  • Treasurer’s report on council finances.

  • OCASC representative updates on other school councils within our board.

  • Discussion and voting on events, fundraising initiatives, and fund allocation.

  • Student Council/Kindness Committee updates on student-led initiatives.

  • Open forum for new business, inquiries, and general round-table discussion.

Why Attend ACES School Council Meetings?

Did you know you don't have to be a council member to attend? Joining our meetings is an excellent way to:

  • Stay informed about school happenings (staffing, field trips, sports, cultural activities, scheduling changes, etc.).

  • Build a sense of community by connecting with other parents.

  • Contribute to the discussion, share concerns, and offer suggestions.

  • Be a part of the partnership that shapes our children's education.

Participate in ACES School Council, and together, let's explore new avenues to enhance the educational experience for the students of our school. Education is a collaborative effort, and your involvement matters! 

Explore the ACES School Council Archive

Below is an archive of ACES School Council related documents. These include meeting agendas, meeting minutes, treasurer reports, principal reports, teacher reports, and any other pertinent documents. The documents are organized by school year. The files and folders pertaining to the current school year can be found on the home page.

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